Smarter Packaging Translates Into Profits, Customer Satisfaction and Environmental Conservation


Companies experience difficulties with product packaging at times such as attractive boxes unable to be recycled or big boxes for a small item. Nevertheless, a sustainable packaging solution is existent. Companies ought to work with both their manufacturers and customers to discover what is suitable for their business in terms of packaging. This article highlights a sustainable packaging strategy, which focuses on packaging size, packaging material and recyclability.

Packaging size

This entails reducing the packaging size for each product to prevent a scenario of packaging small items in big boxes. Furthermore, this strategy also focuses on reducing needless packaging for your business through multipack, which entails merging various products in a single box in the case of large orders. This considerably reduces packaging and eases deployment time, transport expenses as well as storage space. For instance, a car manufacturing company is able to transport completely configured bodywork in one box, allowing the customer to unpack and assemble the parts in the shortest time possible.

Packaging material

In terms of packaging material, the strategy focuses on assessing individual elements of the packaging solution to ascertain which materials will offer the best protection for your packaged items. In this regard, the focus is on using high quality packaging material with less destructive effect on the product. Additionally, the packaging material should be locally available to reduce shipping costs and even create local jobs during harvesting.

One of the innovative sustainable packaging materials used nowadays is bamboo. Bamboo is a better alternative to form because it is mainly locally available and offers the best protection for shipped products. In today's world, electronic manufacturing companies make use of bamboo cushioning to ship phones, tablets and laptops because bamboo's attributes make it perfect for safeguarding lightweight products.


As a company, you want your customers to enjoy using the shipped products and not worry about how to store or throw away the packaging materials. This means the use of packaging solutions that are easily recyclable and accepted by local recyclers. Companies can use recyclable boxes created from reusable corrugated cardboard, which can be recycled easily. In addition, the use of high density polyethylene cushioning allows for recycling through various corporate programmes. In fact, a number of municipal recycling centres collect these plastics and bottles.

Remember that the above mentioned three strategies contribute towards smarter packaging and translate into profits, customer satisfaction and environmental conservation all at once.

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17 April 2015

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