Questions to Ask a Potential Office Relocation Service


An office relocation service can be the best choice for when you're moving your company or even redesigning your space. They will know how to safely pack your items and ensure things get relocated without damage. Using their services will mean avoiding the liability of having an office worker get hurt or injured while moving something too heavy or awkward for them. Before you hire an office relocation service, note a few questions to ask them so you know what's involved and know everything about the services they offer.

1. Always ask if they help unpack and set up your items again

While your IT department or computer expert may work to reassemble the computers and phone lines, your office relocation services company should help to set up the desks, partitions, filing cabinets, and other such objects in an office. You would need to have the footprint set out before the move begins so you know where everything will go, but an office relocation service shouldn't simply stack your partitions by the front door or drop off the desks in the middle of the office space and then leave. They will have the hand trucks and other equipment needed to help reassemble and set up your space, so be sure to ask if this service is included in your quote.

2. Ask if they provide storage solutions

Trying to move your entire office in one day can be very difficult, so ask if the company provides storage solutions. You can then pack up nonessentials such as old files and reference materials and move these to the storage facility. You can then keep them there until your new office is set up and you are ready to bring things back into the office at your own pace. This will make moving easier on you and your staff and even on your office relocation services company.

3. Note if they will help with the layout of your new space

An office relocation company is usually very accustomed to setting up a new space for an office, so they may be familiar with certain details that would make the process easier on you overall. For example, they may note how to angle desks so that workers don't have a glare from the sun on their computer screens and may also know how much space you should allow in walkways between rows of desks. If you don't have the services of a designer or any other professional to help with the layout of your new space, ask your office relocation services what assistance they can offer.

For more information, talk with an office relocation company, such as Gormans Removals, in your area today. 


20 January 2016

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