5 Essential Items You Need When Moving Office Computers


If your office is relocating, your computers are likely some of the most fragile and important items you are moving. Want to ensure the process goes smoothly? Here are five essential items you need when moving office computers:

1. Cloud storage

If your computers are damaged during the move, you could lose all of the information on your hard drives. To avoid potential disaster, make sure that all of your work files are adequately backed up. Depending on your IT needs and the amount of data you have, you could back up your hard drives with cloud storage or an external hard drive.

2. Anti-static bags

Unfortunately, it isn't just drops or bumps that could hurt computer equipment during an office relocation. Electric or static charges can also damage the elements of your computers. To safeguard against this threat, consider investing in static bags, and putting each piece of computer equipment in one of these bags before putting them in your moving boxes.

3. Professional quality moving boxes

Ideally, you should not just throw your computers into any old boxes. Instead, you should use professional-quality moving boxes or even the manufacturer's boxes that your computer equipment originally came in. In either case, your computers and monitors also need to be supported by packaging foam or peanuts.

4. Cord organisation supplies

To make it easy to set up your computers once you reach your new office, you need a system for organising the cords. There are a range of options and supplies that can help. For example, you could use color coded tape on different types of cords to label them, or you could put all of the cords for a single computer in a small bag which you tape to that computer.

5. Camera

When organising the cords, you can also take a photo of them to help keep them organised. Simply snap a photo of each computer before disassembling it, and use the photo as a guide when setting up your workstations at your new office.

A photo can also be useful if something is damaged while moving. So that you have proof that all of your computers were working before the move, snap a photo of them while booted up, and if possible, make sure the serial number of the computer is also captured in a photo. That way, if the computers are damaged during the office relocation, you can easily prove that they were working fine before the move, and that makes it easier to make an insurance claim.

For more tips on moving your computers during an office relocation, contact a team of office relocation specialists.


25 January 2016

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