Six Things You Need to Store Old Newspapers Safely


If you have old newspapers that you want to save for future generations, you need to store them carefully. Neither the paper or the ink on these documents are designed to last, but with the right tools, you can protect your newspapers and ensure they last as long as possible. Here are some things that can help:

1. Climate-Controlled Storage

Storing your newspapers in a too-dry environment can cause them to become brittle and break down. Conversely, an overly humid environment can cause them to become wet and moldy. To strike a balance, you should hire a climate-controlled storage locker for your newspapers as well as anything else that you need to store. This is typically much safer than hot attics, wet basements, drafty sheds and so forth.

2. Reusable Desiccant Canister

To provide extra protection against moisture, put a reusable desiccant canister in your storage unit. That will help to absorb water molecules from the area. Alternatively, you can place small packets of desiccants in each of the boxes where you store your newspapers. However, these expire and may need to be replaced on a regular basis.

3. Large Polyethylene Bags

To protect your newspapers from handling and to keep air off them, consider slipping them into polyethylene bags. These are the type of bags comic book collectors so famously use to protect their first edition super hero comics and such like. However, you don't want to fold your newspaper up into a tiny bag designed for a comic book. Instead, make sure you get a bag or sleeve large enough to hold your newspaper while it's fully extended. That helps prevent folds or creases from turning into tears.

4. Acid-Free Envelopes and Boxes

In lieu of polyethylene bags, you can use acid-free envelopes to protect your newspapers. Whether you use envelopes or bags, however, you should put your newspapers in acid-free boxes. Newspapers contain acids, which is why they tend to break down and yellow with age, but by using acid-free storage containers, you help to prevent the migration of acid from one newspaper to the next.

5. Labels

So that you can easily find which newspaper you are looking for, make sure you clearly label each box. If the boxes aren't labeled, you may end up getting out newspapers unnecessarily when you are looking for another paper, and all that handling can be hard on the paper.

6. White Cotton Gloves

When handling newspapers, your finger oils can get onto them and start degrading them. White cotton gloves can help prevent that. Consider storing a pair of these gloves in your storage unit so they are there when you need them.


29 August 2016

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