Alternative uses for self-storage units


For most people, a storage unit is a temporary place to put furniture and belongings, either because storage space at home runs out or during a move or absence. But recent years have seen an increasing number of people putting self-storage to other purposes. Artists, small businesses, startups and the self-employed often need secure space at a reasonable cost, and these customers have found some alternative uses for storage lockers, from the obvious to the unusual. 

Business supplies

Retail and commercial space can be pricey, and the storage needs of an online business can quickly outgrow the owner's home or van. Self-storage units are ideal for storing office supplies, parts and tools or inventory. Add a table with packaging supplies, and business owners can pull orders, pack them and have them ready to go in minutes. Using a storage facility means that security is already taken care of, an important point for business owners with valuable tools or stock to protect. 

Rehearsal spaces

Commercial rehearsal space can be very expensive; as a result, many bands combine storage for equipment like amplifiers with rehearsal space in their storage units. Not every storage facility allows this -- a rock band's rehearsal can be pretty noisy, after all -- but for bands who have access to one, a storage locker rehearsal space can be a real money-saver. It helps if the band plays in a genre where a certain amount of clashing echo is expected, of course, although the acoustics in some spaces can be surprisingly good. 

Art studios

Like rehearsal space, art studio space for painters, sculptors and other artists can add up. Using self-storage as a creative space requires finding a unit with good enough lighting, but if that's possible, it can be an economical alternative to a traditional studio. Storage studios are especially handy for artists who also need somewhere to store their creations once they're finished. In fact, some storage spaces have even been used as art galleries. These are especially appropriate for art that seeks a hard-edged, industrial look, but with the right preparation anything can look at home in one of these impromptu showrooms. 

These are just a few of the unusual uses individuals and businesses have found for self-storage spaces. While restrictions on what exactly users can do vary from company to company, low prices compared to traditional real estate and strong security make self-storage units an appealing alternative for startups, small businesses and artists.


22 September 2016

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