4 Essential Things To Do When Moving Interstate


Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but relocating can be especially daunting if you're moving to a new state or country.

Here are four helpful, essential tips to help you plan for your move.

Clear out the clutter

You'll only really get to see just how much clutter you've accumulated over the years when the time comes to pack up for a move. Use the opportunity to ditch anything that you really won't need in your new place. Taking surplus stuff will not only cost you more in van space, you'll have twice the work when it comes to unpacking.

Some of your unwanted items could be recycled. You could donate other things to local charities, consign much of it to the local tip, or even have a garage sale.

Pack a suitcase or box with essentials

Obviously, you'll want to label boxes appropriately so that everything ends up in the right room when you arrive at your new place. But you should also pack a suitcase with a clean set of clothes to wear during the first few days, your toothbrush and washing gear, and any regular medication you need.

Recruit a few mates to help with the packing

Packing up your home will take you much longer than you think it will. The job is also very draining and tiring. Why not ask a few friends to help you out in exchange for dinner or a few farewell drinks?

Alternatively, you could save yourself some work and hassle by paying a professional removalist firm to help you pack up. This is a good idea if you have fragile valuables to pack up.

Use custom shipping containers

If you have many large, bulky items to move, you might want to consider using a custom shipping container.

Items such as pianos and very large pieces of sculpture are often better transported in shipping containers that have been specially customised with suitable padding. The rigid frame and exterior of a shipping container will provide plenty of protection for your possessions. There will also be plenty of space inside a container for your items, reducing the danger of pieces being damaged by knocking against each other whilst in transit. For more information, contact companies like Tasbulk Pty Ltd.

In conclusion

Planning in advance can really help to make the move go more smoothly, especially if you're relocation some considerable distance away. For more advice and guidance on relocating long distance, have a chat with your removalist.


19 January 2017

Moving on a budget

Moving can be really expensive! But I move regularly for one reason or another, and I've become pretty good at moving on a budget. I can always find a cheap removalist and get some great deals on packing supplies. I also have some good tips on smart packing to reduce the amount of boxes that you need to move, which can help to minimise the costs as well. People are always impressed with my budgeting mojo, so I thought it would be good to start a blog to share my tips as well as create a place for others to share their ideas on moving on a budget.