Upholstered Furniture Storage Guidelines You Should Know


When moving homes, you might need to keep some of your furniture in a storage unit before you decide what to do. While some furniture can easily take on tough conditions, you need to be careful when keeping high-quality furniture that is upholstered or made of leather. If special consideration isn't offered, problems such as mould spores, pests and dust can settle on the fabric during storage and may damage the furniture. Consider keeping the following tips in mind when storing upholstered or leather furniture in a self-storage unit:

Clean and dry the furniture

Soiled upholstery causes stains on the furniture and may attract rodents and insects into a storage unit. For this reason, it is essential to clean and dry the furniture before storing them. Vacuum the upholstery using a brush attachment to get rid of dirt, crumbs and other forms of loose debris. Apply a special upholstery cleaner to get rid of dried stains, oils and other forms of dirt that may have set in the furniture. You may decide to DIY or seek professional cleaning services.

Once clean, be sure to dry the pieces thoroughly. The last thing you want is to return to the unit to find mildew or mould on your precious pieces of furniture.

Keep the furniture covered during storage

To ensure your upholstered furniture isn't exposed to moisture and dust during storage, you need to use furniture covers. These are special covers that protect the furniture and offer air circulation to prevent mould growth or unpleasant smell. If you cannot afford to get specially designed furniture bags, you may use regular plastic bags, then create an opening for air circulation. Cotton sheets can also be used to protect the furniture surface from dirt and dust. Don't forget to elevate your furniture from the surface. This way, you can be sure the pieces aren't exposed to flooding or natural moisture that occurs on concrete floors.

Select a climate-controlled unit

Upholstered furniture is susceptible to moisture during storage, and this can cause mould and mildew damage. Therefore, consider renting a climate-controlled unit to avoid humidity issues. Most environmental factors cause damage during storage, but when you go for a unit with stable temperatures and humidity levels, these issues are eliminated. The cool temperatures maintained in the units prevent mustiness in the textiles or fabrics. Although climate-controlled units come at a higher cost, your furniture will be protected from damage no matter how long you keep them in the unit.  


28 September 2019

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