Self-Storage Safety and Security


There are many factors to consider when looking for a rental safe-storage unit. These factors include how easy it is to access the storage unit, whether or not the unit is climate-controlled and even whether the self-storage facility is insured.

The safety and security of your property while in a self-storage facility is also an important factor to consider. How do you determine whether a self-storage facility is safe and secure? Here are a few things to look out for.

On-Site Security Personnel

As you make comparisons between different self-storage facilities, be keen on whether there is security personnel present within the facility at all times. A large number of people falsely equate security in a self-storage facility to the presence of CCTV cameras around the premises. Remember that there is only so much that a CCTV system can do to prevent the entry of intruders into a self-storage facility. Granted the CCTV system will record the intrusion, but a video of the intrusion won't do much to save your property.

The presence of security personnel within the facility at all times is a greater assurance that your property is safe within the self-storage facility.

Check for the Presence of Smoke Detectors

There is no telling when and how a fire will break out within a self-storage facility. While it might be reassuring to know that the self-storage facility is insured against the threat of fire, there can never be adequate compensation for some of your personal items such as antique pieces of furniture.

The presence of smoke detectors and fire alarms within the facility is a greater assurance that the facility recognizes the threat that fire damage poses. Insurance against fire damage is a cure for the problem while the installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms is more of a preventive strategy. Smoke detectors can help to put off a fire long before it catches on and causes serious damage to items stored within the storage unit.

Consider the Kind of Fencing

In the ideal situation, your preferred self-storage unit should have a perimeter wall for a fence rather than chain-link fencing or other less secure fencing alternatives. It is relatively easy for an intruder to gain access into a facility surrounded by a chainlink fence. It is not so easy to do this if there is a perimeter wall surrounding the storage facility. It might sound simple but it is very practical.

For more information on storage units, reach out to a local storage company. 


11 March 2020

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