3 Things You Should Know About Accessing Your Self-Storage Unit


When can you access your self-storage unit? How frequently can you access it? These are just a couple of the most commonly asked questions, and not just among those renting a self-storage unit for the first time.

Here is a look at the highlights of what you should know about accessing your self-storage unit.

Access Hours Vary

One facility may offer unlimited 24/7 access, while another will have limited access hours that you must stick to, save for special exceptions, as may be agreed upon with the facility manager. You should ensure that you enquire about these access hours before signing the contract.

It is also worth noting that access hours do not mean the same thing as office hours. Access hours usually go past the office hours, and when that is the case, access to your self-storage unit is all you get. The facility manager and other key employees will most likely not be around past the office hours, meaning you will not have someone to ask any questions you may have, and there won't be anyone attending to any other customer care tasks.

Organisation Is Key for Easy Access

You need to be strategic about how you organise the space in your self-storage unit for easy access. This is especially essential if you have plans to access the unit frequently.

For starters, ensure that every box is well labelled. You should also identify the items that you will require most frequently and put them close to your unit's entry. If there are so many of these boxes and some have to stay at the back, ensure that you leave enough space for a clear path to the back. It will make navigating to the box you need all the more easier.

No Limit to Frequency of Access

You can access your self-storage unit as many times as you'd like on any given day. What counts, as already outlined, is that you stick to the access hours as directed by the management. If you need to drop off some items or pick some up, even every hour, you can confidently do so.

Ask the Right People

As with any other enquiries you may have, a representative of the storage facility from whom you are renting the self-storage unit is always the right person to ask. Not only will you get a clear breakdown of the facility's policies, but you can also get helpful tips on how to organise the space in your unit for easier access.


11 June 2020

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