How To Choose A Furniture Removalist


Choosing a furniture removalist can be a complicated task. There are many removal companies in Australia. As such, most people get into a dilemma over which removalist will serve them best. This extract discusses a few tricks to help you choose a suitable removalist. 

Narrow Down Your Search

Below are a few ways to narrow down your search when looking for a removalist: 

  • An internet search and referrals from friends will help you identify reputable removalists.
  • Consider removalists that are based in your area. A local removalist can be consulted at any time. Besides, he or she will have an easy time accessing your home.
  • When moving interstate, choose removalists that work across the country.
  • Check the availability of the removalist. It is especially important when you need to move within a few days. 

Check The Available Services

Other than moving your home, you will also need the removalist to dismantle, pack and arrange your items in the new house. If you need storage space, choose removal companies that provide storage space to their clients. Alternatively, you could opt for a removals company that will transport your items to a storage facility at no extra cost. For long-distance removals, inquire whether you will require additional transport to move your pets and valuables. When moving on a budget, inquire whether the removalist provides backloading services. On the other hand, you could also ask the removalist to offer a portable storage container.  

Examine The Professionalism 

The removalist should observe a high degree of professionalism. He or she should: 

  • Conduct a house inspection to know the equipment and personnel required to move your home.
  • Inform you what he or she expects from you. For example, the removalist will ask you to declutter your home and provide adequate parking space for the removals truck.
  • Provide a removals insurance cover to ensure compensation in case your items get damaged during removals.
  • The professional should inform you of the number of people who will come to move your home. 

Compare The Price Structure

Compare quotes from a few removalists. Cut down removal costs by observing the removalist's terms and conditions. For example, a late cancellation could lead to a penalty. You can avoid this by postponing the removals day. The professional may also penalise you if you keep him or her waiting on the day of. An early booking will help you avoid weekend and high season charges. Take advantage of seasonal discounts and referral coupons when hiring the removalist. 

When choosing a removalist, narrow down your search, check the available services, examine the removalist's professionalism and compare quotes from a few removal companies. 

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26 August 2020

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