How to Prepare for Local Removals


For most people, local removals seem like a straight forward process. However, unforeseen events and minor oversights could significantly complicate the process. Below are some tips to help you prepare for local removals. 

Work With a Removalist

Consider the following when hiring a removalist: 

  • Inquire about the removalist's availability. Avoid removalists that will subcontract the service.
  • What services does the removalist provide? For instance, you may need storage space or backloading services.
  • If you have oversized or fragile items in your home, ask the removalist whether he or she has the expertise and equipment required to move such items.
  • Is the removalist affiliated to local professional associations? It is a guarantee that you will receive quality services. Besides, you can report him or her in case of unprofessional conduct. 

Prepare Your New House

Inspect your new home before the removals date. For instance, the property could need some cleaning, repainting or minor repairs. You will have a difficult time conducting these works once you move into the property. Besides, check whether your items will fit through the entrance and hallways. You also need to decide where to park the removals truck. 

Know What to Move

Your home contains old clothes and furniture that you no longer use. Moving with such items will only increase the removal costs. As such, you could sell or donate these items. A few days before the move, collect any items that you may have lent your friends and neighbours. 

Prepare Your Kids and Pets

Inform your kids of your intent to move. Remember, they could want to bid farewell to some of their friends in the neighbourhood. Besides, they would wish to travel with their favourite toys or snacks inside your car. If you have an infant, prepare diapers, milk and some food. Remember, you will not access your items until you unpack them. Most removalists do not transport pets. As such, look for a cage to transport your dog or cat. 

Choosing a Removals Date

Most removalists will ask you to avail yourself on the removals date. Although you will not be involved in the packing and loading of your items, you will guide them on how to dismantle furniture and handle electronics. Besides, your presence ensures that your items are handled with care. Save some costs by moving during weekdays. If this is not possible, move during the weekend or at night.  

When preparing for local removals, work with a removalist, inspect your new home, know what to move, prepare your kids and pets and choose a suitable removals date.


13 November 2020

Moving on a budget

Moving can be really expensive! But I move regularly for one reason or another, and I've become pretty good at moving on a budget. I can always find a cheap removalist and get some great deals on packing supplies. I also have some good tips on smart packing to reduce the amount of boxes that you need to move, which can help to minimise the costs as well. People are always impressed with my budgeting mojo, so I thought it would be good to start a blog to share my tips as well as create a place for others to share their ideas on moving on a budget.