Three Fundamental Tips For Relocating Furniture Between Homes


Choosing new furniture is an emotive experience. Each new piece needs to have sufficient appeal to grab your attention while also complementing existing furniture items. Because of the effort given to choosing new furniture, you must carefully protect each piece as you relocate from one home to another. Here are three fundamental tips to help reduce the chance of damage as you relocate furniture between houses.

Disassemble In Advance

There are two main reasons why you must disassemble big furniture pieces before the removalist arrives:

  1. Disassembled furniture passes more easily through doorways, lessening the chance of damage to the doorframe or the furniture.
  2. Removalists have more positioning possibilities in the truck when the furniture has a smaller footprint.

Options for furniture disassembly include removing the feet from sofas, taking apart bed frames, and separating table legs from tabletops. Be sure to place the hardware from disassembled furniture into clearly marked plastic bags so you can easily reassemble your pieces at the end of their transport.

Watch Your Back

Most pieces of furniture are not lightweight so there are two big health reasons why you must let your removalist take it out to the truck.

Firstly, removalists have special moving equipment, such as dollies, which allow them to roll rather than carry your belongings.

Secondly, for furniture which does not fit onto a dolly, the removalists have lifting straps which are placed around the furniture so it can be carried to the truck. Your removalist knows the healthiest way to relocate your furniture without hurting back muscles, so leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Moving Blankets

The third way to protect your furniture is to use moving blankets. Your removalist has a pile of these on their truck. They are thick and durable. When wrapped around your furniture and secured in place with straps or rope, they act as a buffer for your furniture. This means no nasty scraps on your walls or furniture edges. If you wrap the blankets yourself before the removalist arrives, make sure there is enough clearance from the floor so the blanket does not become a tripping hazard.

Using these three tips, your furniture moves safely between old homes and new with the chance of damage greatly reduced. This means your carefully picked furniture pieces last for years no matter where you choose to live. Ask your removalist if you have any specific questions about moving your furniture pieces as they have plenty of great advice.

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11 February 2021

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