Two Benefits of Using a Residential Removal Company's Full Packing-and-Moving Service


Here are two big benefits of using a residential removal service's packing and moving services.

Your house move will take less time

One major advantage of using residential removal services is that your house move will take less time. This will then allow you to get into your new place and begin making it into a home sooner.

People who move without the aid of residential removalists usually hit one stumbling block after another, and this then results in their move taking far longer than it really needed to. For example, when packing, they may find that they have to repeatedly stop and rearrange the contents of boxes, due to making mistakes such as stacking heavy items on top of lightweight delicate items, or having to remove and replace items in boxes as a result of having accidentally packed things like food items with cleaning products. Likewise, when moving their things, people may need to take lots of breaks when carrying heavy furniture because they don't have any lifting equipment, and without this, the lifting work can be exhausting. All of these errors and breaks can add hours to the moving process.

Residential removalists, on the other hand, can speed through the packing up of a large house because they already know what items can or cannot be put in the same boxes, as well as how to safely arrange different items in boxes, according to their weight and fragility. They also have commercial lifting tools that mean they can walk rapidly from the property to their van whilst carrying big, hefty items like wardrobes because the equipment bears some of the weight and makes these bigger things much easier to carry. As such, if you use this service, you should find that you get this process goes a lot quicker than if you were to do it alone.

It's far less likely that any of your possessions will get left behind or get broken

Another important advantage that comes with using this service is that you won't have to worry about your possessions getting left behind or broken, as you might need to if you were doing this on your own. The is partly because even though they work very rapidly, removalists are meticulous about packing items correctly and carefully, which means that it's highly unlikely that, for instance, your glassware will shatter as a result of not being wrapped properly in newspaper or that your furniture will get scratched as a result of not having enough bubble-wrap around it.  

Likewise, removalists will always ensure that every room whose contents they've been asked to pack is completely empty before they move on to the next room; this means that there is very little chance of any of your items being left behind when you move. Finally, because they have lifting tools, they won't ever feel so much strain when they're carrying your heavier items that they accidentally drop them.


13 September 2021

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Moving can be really expensive! But I move regularly for one reason or another, and I've become pretty good at moving on a budget. I can always find a cheap removalist and get some great deals on packing supplies. I also have some good tips on smart packing to reduce the amount of boxes that you need to move, which can help to minimise the costs as well. People are always impressed with my budgeting mojo, so I thought it would be good to start a blog to share my tips as well as create a place for others to share their ideas on moving on a budget.