Two Things That Removal Companies Do to Make Their Clients’ Moves Easier


Here are two things that removal companies do to make their clients' moves as easy as possible.

They carry their clients' larger items with lifting equipment

Almost all removal companies have lifting equipment that their employees can use when carrying a client's bigger items. The use of this equipment can have a very positive impact on a client's move. For example, when removalists use lifting straps when carrying fridge freezers, wardrobes and other bulky items, the likelihood of these items slipping out of their arms and breaking or of them dropping the items as a result of momentarily stumbling are slim to none. This is because the lifting equipment helps stabilise the heavy items the removalists need to carry. As such, the use of this equipment by removalists means that their clients don't need to worry about their expensive kitchen appliances or furniture getting damaged before it gets delivered to their new home.

Furthermore, because this equipment reduces the strain the removalists feel in their arms or legs whilst they're carrying bigger items, they are able to move much more quickly with these goods in their arms than they would if they were carrying them without any tools. As a result of this, removalists with this equipment can load and unload lots of large furniture and appliances very quickly.

They come up with well-thought-out plans for the removal of large furniture and appliances

The other thing that removals companies do to make their clients' moves easier is to come up with well-thought-out plans for the removal of large furniture and appliances. People who move by themselves don't tend to do this (or they don't know how to do it correctly), and so may find themselves with, for example, a bed that gets wedged against the walls on their staircase, because they measured the doorways through which they planned to carry it but forgot to measure the width of the stairs that they needed to carry it down.

Removals companies don't make blunders like this. Their staff will measure every enclosed area through which they need to carry their clients' bigger items and will come up with a carefully considered plan if they find that the items are too large for them to carry through these areas. They might, for instance, disassemble the items or temporarily take down a banister on a staircase so they can get their clients' belongings past this part of the building. This then means that there are very rarely any delays when a removals company handles a client's house move.

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15 December 2021

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